STAG VI (18-19)

STAG VI was our 7th car and our most successful ever. We thrashed our previous points record with a successful week at FSCzech in mid August. Unfortunate reliability woes hampered our efforts at FSG and FSUK.

We pushed forward with multiple improvements to the car, including titanium 3D printed suspension inserts, a 10% lighter monocoque, all new aero mechanical design, composite front bulkhead, lighter impact attenuator, lighter steering, and a vast increase in team PR.

Competition Record

FS UK 2019:

20th overall, 355.2 points

FS Czech 2019:

10th overall, 676.5 points

STAG V (17-18)

STAG V was our 6th car and our most successful yet. We doubled our points record at FS UK, and finished the endurance event for the first time at FS East in Hungary.

We implemented an all new Aluminium-Honeycomb monocoque chassis, which doubled our torsional stiffness. Numerous other improvements, including a 30% horsepower improvement from our Honda CB600RR; new side wings and underfloor; and all new suspension system all contributed to the fantastic season.

Competition Record

FS UK 2018:

26th overall, 347.4 points

FS EAST 2018:

22nd overall, 300.5 points

STAG IV (16-17)

STAG IV featured our first carbon fibre aerodynamic package, with front and rear wings, nose cone, underfloor, and body fairing. Combined with an improved chassis with composite panels, the lower weight and higher torsional stiffness improved our performance.

A disheartening suspension wishbone de-bonding at FS UK and a wheel hub failure at FS Czech meant that an endurance finish eluded the team for another year.

Competition Record

FS UK 2017:

25th overall, 229.3 points

FS Czech 2017:

31st overall, 262.14 points